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When these treatments fail to provide relief, surgery may be warranted.

Traditional open back fusion used to be the only surgery available to patients, requiring large incisions and disruption of the muscles and other soft tissues that help support the spine.

Alternatively, you can phone your regional Information Referral and Intake Team.

If you handle your own funding or have an alternate source of funding, please contact your local Lifestyle Solutions centre to find out more about how we can best help you.

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Whether a patient was diagnosed with scoliosis in childhood or developed the condition in their 60s, the abnormal spinal curvature may worsen and cause back pain, uneven shoulders and/or waist and other health issues.

Treatment for adults with degenerative scoliosis often begins conservatively (non-surgically) with anti-inflammatories and physical therapy.

Scoliosis may be detected in infancy, childhood, adolescence or adulthood.The highly invasive nature of this operation typically leads to lengthy and arduous recoveries, making a return to a relatively normal lifestyle much more difficult.Today, because of improvements in technology and surgical techniques, Laser Spine Institute is able to offer certain adults with degenerative lumbar scoliosis several minimally invasive alternatives to traditional open fusion.Our accommodation support is provided individually or within a group setting, and can range from a few hours a week through to 24-hours a day.Our services include: To get started, you should contact Ageing, Disability and Home Care (ADHC), which is part of the NSW Government's Department of Family and Community Services. Click for more information on how to apply for support.These procedures involve small incisions through which dilating tubes are inserted to push apart – not cut – muscles to gain access to the affected area of the spine.


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