Wsus not updating a workstation backdating rules

I am tasked to connect non domain machines to our WSUS server.

I have researched online and found tips to change registry or export registry from working domain computers to non domain computers but I think it didn’t work out for me, I found another way to do it and it worked every time.

Configuring this setting will enable the workstations on your network to register directly with your WSUS server (client-side registration). In the Options area, type the group name for this computer (Your WSUS server can use this information to group computers into different groups. Step 36: Next, double-click on Specify intranet Microsoft update service location. Step 38: Let’s go back to our WSUS server and create a new computer group.

This is where you will specify your WSUS server’s address. In the Options area, specify your server name in the form of a URL as shown below. The default port number for WSUS on Windows Server 2012 R2 is 8530, so my complete server address is: the same URL in both the text boxes and click OK. By default, under All Computers, you’ll see a default group called Unassigned Computers.

Microsoft goes on to explain why this update is critical…

Windows 10 feature updates (denoted by the “Upgrades” classification in WSUS) are staged in encrypted packages to Windows Update several days prior to the actual go-live date.

The WSUS update that botched WSUS servers a couple weeks ago has been released under a new KB number.

And, like the update before it, is required for those wanting to upgrade their Windows 10 computers to the “Anniversary Update” that will release in late July.

gpupdate /force /detectnow /reportnow Step 40: Go back to your WSUS server. If you don’t see your test computer here, do the following: Wait for about 5 minutes and hit Refresh again. The OU should have your test computer account and not the user account since its a Computer Configuration policy.

WSUS is typically used by large organizations with careful patch management requirements.

Microsoft's KB3148812 patch for WSUS was supposed enable automatic decryption of Windows 10 feature updates in preparation for Microsoft's "anniversary update," coming this summer.

The new update is located in KB3159706, and this time Microsoft is making sure to let customers know that .

The manual steps are contained in the knowledge base article, but Microsoft also lays them out in the blog post announcing today’s fixed update: The long-term fix for KB3148812 issues.


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