Radiometric dating indicates that the earth is approximately how old

This conclusion is not based on just one measurement or one calculation, but on many types of evidence.

Here we will describe just two types of evidence for an old Earth and two types of evidence for an old universe; more types can be found under further reading.

Geologic Time Scale - Wikipedia Web Geological Time Machine - UC Berkeley Geologic Time Scale - Enchanted Learning Earth Floor, Geologic Time - Center for Educational Technologies, NASA sponsored Geologic Time - Smithsonian Institute Geologic Time Directory - Yahoo Geologic Time Scale Descriptions - USGS 2009 Stratigraphic Chart - International Commission on Stratigraphy (downloads the chart as a PDF) Simply add one of the below links and show it to the class as part of your presentation! A specific movie was not available for you though you may have the era or eon of your time period available and you could show that.

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The expansion of the universe gives an age for the universe as a whole: 13.7 billion years old.

Students know different natural energy and material resources, including air, soil, rocks, minerals, petroleum, fresh water, wildlife, and forests, and know how to classify them as renewable or nonrenewable.

Many independent measurements have established that the Earth and the universe are billions of years old.

Geologists have found annual layers in ice that are easily counted to multiple tens of thousands of years, and when combined with radio isotope dating, we find hundreds of thousands of years of ice layers.

The USGS based their study on minerals that naturally occur in rocks and have half-lives of 700 million to 100 billion years.

These dating techniques, known as radiometric dating, are firmly grounded in physics and are used to measure the last time that the rock being dated was either melted or disturbed sufficiently to re-homogenize its radioactive elements.


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