How to remain celibate while dating

So, I’ve provided some of the tips that have helped me in my own personal journey, as well as some lessons I’ve learned along the way.

Recognize why you’ve chosen or are considering celibacy – Not knowing the reason why you’re doing something can greatly hinder your progress and success.

When they finally come up for air, they long for physical touch and attention. But the problem is when you’ve been starving yourself, you’ll reach for “emotional junk food.” You know, a guy who you know is no good, who you don’t even like, or who doesn’t want a relationship, just to fill the void.

In that moment, ask yourself this question: Dig deeper than the physical urges.

While we often think of celibacy as a religious choice, there are plenty of people who undertake it for secular reasons — as a lifestyle choice. First, we have to understand what being celibate really means. Choosing whether or not to do something gives a sense of control and purpose in our lives.

The word "celibacy" is typically defined as a person voluntarily opting out of romantic relationships and/or sexual activity, often for religious reasons. In some fields, getting ahead requires 110 percent of our time and focus. A sex-free lifestyle frees up a tremendous amount of brain and emotional space that the strategizing, analyzing and agonizing over our sex lives often fills.

From my own personal journey, I’ve come to realize that it is more of a mental battle than anything else.If you need physical touch, then get a massage or spend an entire day at the spa.I know, I know, it’s not the same, but if you’re truly committed to staying celibate, then you’ll want to look for healthy ways to get your needs met.It is about making up your mind that you are going to refrain from sex and wanting it bad enough to truly stick with it, regardless of what opportunity presents itself and who comes along looking to change your mind.While there are plenty of people out there who will preach why you should become or remain celibate, not many are providing enough insight as to how. Sometimes I get the eye roll, which is usually followed by girl-bye-no-one-abstains-in-2012 look.


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