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His powerful personality laid the foundations of post-classical European civilization; his reign was eventful and highly dramatic. His victory at the Milvian Bridge counts among the most decisive moments in world history, while his legalization and support of Christianity and his foundation of a 'New Rome' at Byzantium rank among the most momentous decisions ever made by a European ruler. The fact that ten Byzantine emperors after him bore his name may be seen as a measure of his importance and of the esteem in which he was held. Flavius Valerius Constantinus, the future emperor Constantine, was born at Naissus in the province of Moesia Superior, the modern Nish in Serbia, on 27 February of 271, 272, or 273. "Crispus: Brilliant Career and Tragic End." Historia 33 (1984) 79-106.

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The emperor Constantine has rightly been called the most important emperor of Late Antiquity.

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Constantine, in the meanwhile, had served with distinction under both Diocletian and Galerius in the East. "Constantine's Epistle to the Bishops at the Council of Arles: A Defense of Imperial Authorship." JRH 17 (1993) 274-89. "The Christian Basilicas of Constantinian Rome." Ancient World 26 (1995) 3-28.


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