Emily osment dating cole sprouse

Let’s hope Lea can snag yet another surfboard to take home later this summer!

17: What was your favorite part about making the movie? LT: So much fun, because you are constantly entertained, whether she means to entertain you or not.

No matter what kind of problems this could have caused (we wonder if their teams had any issues?

), it really just has us thinking that maybe someday the networks will be friendly enough to collaborate someday!

Anyone remember the episode where Miley dreams that Lilly and Jackson were actually dating?

star stepped out with her bro and her boyfriend, Jim Gilbert, as they caught a movie together at Arc Light Cinemas on Sunday night (July 9) in Hollywood.

Despite having a stalker or two for a bit in 2006 and a couple spats with Lindsay Lohan and Avril Lavigne here or there, the Lizzie Mc Guire star is living a pretty normal life. OK, OK, Some people may count dating Justin Bieber as a giant F on your report card, but honestly, her record is pretty clean. Life after Even Stevens has been pretty quiet, it seems.

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She went on to co-star in the Emmy-nominated She also starred as Cassie in R. Stine's The Haunting Hour: Don't Think About It and the Disney Channel Original Movie, Dadnapped as Melissa Morris.Lucas Till: It was filmed in Tennessee, which is the New Zealand of the South that time of year. You're laughing and having a good time all the time. It's got green rolling hills, so you have that to look forward to. Plus, I was working with an awesome cast that was really welcoming. And I'm the hardest demographic to please, as far as if is going to do the job. In the beginning it appeals to the fans and the younger audience. She's a really sweet girl, and not bad to look at either.17: So did you guys bond? Sometimes on set, she would ask to pop my knuckles. Emily Osment has "osteo-old-woman-itis." She can't lift weights or do physical activity but ride her bike and do yoga. She taught Miley how to pop her knuckles in weird ways.17: That's hilarious ... LT: It felt so good when I found out, in a job-security kind of way. So, what did you feel like when you found out you'd be doing this movie? I have something to do."17: What else is coming up for you? Osment expanded her repertoire into pop music and alternative/indie rock where she has recorded teen pop hits like "I Don't Think About It", "If I Didn't Have You" alongside her Hannah Montana co-star Mitchel Musso, and "Once Upon a Dream".


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