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Survivor Series (1993) was the seventh annual Survivor Series pay-per-view professional wrestling (PPV) event produced by the World Wrestling Federation (WWF).

It took place on Thanksgiving Eve, November 24, 1993, at the Boston Garden in Boston, Massachusetts.

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The main event match saw the All-Americans, a team of face wrestlers from the United States, competing against the Foreign Fanatics, a team of heels that represented other countries.

The original plan was for the Harts to face Jerry Lawler, with whom they were feuding, but Lawler was not able to appear at the event.

The Harts won the match, but a confrontation between Bret Hart and Owen Hart after the match led to Owen turning against the family the following year.

Not that anyone in wrestling ever pays attention to the past, but here are some notable cases where the people in charge didn’t listen to the fans until it was too late, and WWE probably could have remembered that this sort of thing has happened before.

This isn’t always the case, because sometimes the fans think they want someone and it turns out that the person they want is completely wrong for the role.


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