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I enjoy the rush that exercise gives me and I enjoy the results even more, but for the past three months I've not even been able to lift a coffee cup to my mouth.'Though all the members of Il Divo are image-conscious, Urs is the most driven of the band in terms of fitness - his total gym hours amount to about 15,000 since he signed up for his first session - and he has struggled more than most people might with what is a common injury.'I snowboard a lot and although I've fallen a few times, I don't remember a sudden jolt of pain,' he says.Down the front, a troika of blondes leap up in their stilettos after every song.A dozen string players, perched on a platform above the stage, plus an orchestra hidden in the pit, can’t compete with the volume of the fans. This is the New York opening of A Musical Affair, a six-night residency in support of the album of the same name.Ten years and 26 million album sales later, it looks like he may have been right. The American One, 40-year-old David Miller, is missing.At lunchtime the day after the concert, Carlos Marín closes our interview with an indignant question. But The Swiss One, Urs Bühler, 42, alum of the Netherlands Opera, is here, all cool, calm, smouldering poise.

'But seeing and feeling my body change, losing my muscle definition and bulk, has been even harder.Their blend of pop and opera has sold more than 22 million albums worldwide. So why is it, asks Jan Moir, that the only people who take Il Divo seriously are Il Divo?On a Friday night in London, Il Divo somehow manage to make it through the packed bar of the Soho Hotel without being noticed.His musical training started at the age of five, when Bühler began singing in a choir and also learned to play violin, clarinet, piano, guitar, and drums.His musical career, though, started when he was fifteen in an entirely different genre from lyrical song.His progress in the field led him to move to Amsterdam in the Netherlands, where he studied voice at Sweelinck Conservatorium with Udo Reinemann, a well-known German baritone.


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