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There were some subtle differences in the dimensions, but only those that are significant are mentioned where appropriate.

Some of the bench planes are a bit longer/shorter, wider/narrower, heavier/lighter than what's noted for the fact that the planes used many patterns over their decades of production.

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AMERICAN MITRE AND RABBET PLANES Early iteration of the Bailey no. 9 plane is longer, with a sole 10 7/8″ long, as compared with the 9″ long c. Its also more massive, and looks to be more robust as compared with the original body casting, which can be prone to cracking at the rear, where the handle is attached. 9’s adjustable front sole piece is driven too tight, the casting can also crack on the sides, right above the adjustable front sole. Like the New York makers of pianomaker’s planes, Scott found his inspiration from the infill planemakers of Great Britain. I have a signed George Buck tuning hammer with a previous mark filed off, quite probably R.

9 cabinet makers block plane (or pianomaker’s mitre plane). It’s not hard to see why Bailey changed the handle. While this example does not suffer from these problems, the Lie Neilsen is the one I go to first: it cuts wood very well, with no worries about breakage. Unlike the New York makers, Scott was not influenced by the box mitre designs but rather by profiles with more fluid lines. Reynolds, who provided Buck with most of his specialized piano tools.

Not yet; though I have switched to my higher pitched HNT Gordons on several really cranky boards.

Citing a passage from Shakespeare's Hamlet, the Walker Texas Ranger says: 'Wherein our Saviour's birth is celebrated, the bird of dawning singeth all night long.

An excellent resource, packed with history and information on some of the biggest infill plane makers and their products.

Would love to see a second edition with information on planes by some of the lesser known infill plane makers.

So, if you have a plane that's one-half inch shorter or longer than what's mentioned here, don't go thinking that you have some ultra-rare version of the tool.

You don't (except in the case of the #2One other thing - you'll note that I sometimes refer to the cutter as the iron and vice versa.


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