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function req Listener () var o Req = new XMLHttp Request(); o Event Listener("load", req Listener); o Req.open("GET", "//static.radio.fr/inc/v2/images/icons/icon-sprites.svg?We accept donations via Paypal to keep Crystal on the air.Alternatively you may wish to contact the Land Transport Authority (LTA) at 1800-CALL-LTA (1800-2255-582).Depending on the nature of the complaint or feedback, LTA will follow up with an investigation or refer it to the taxi company, in accordance with the LTA’s disciplinary system for taxi drivers.First Ladybug from Miraculous from Disney Channle is on the bad, you will have to take the sponge and a special solution that will disinfects her skin, then please take the injection, the syringe, then take the serum in the syringe and make tow injection in Ladybug's arms to anesthetize her.After that you will have to open the closet because the will be the pill, then please give it to Ladybug, then using a stethoscope you will have to check where is Ladybug's little baby, then using a magic stick you will have to pull out the baby from Ladybug's stomach.

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Using the mouse in the both levels you have to dress up our heroes from Disney Channel.

Cat Noir sent a letter to Ladybug but from the letter are missing some words.

You have to prepare Ladybug and Cat Noir for the date in this game.

In the first level and the second level you need creativity to complete your goal.


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